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About Us

One Stop Tax Strategists is a company dedicated to helping their clients pay as little tax as legally possible with a big emphasis on staying out of trouble. Typically accountants ask questions to fill out the forms to get you filed, we ask the questions on how to save you money not just to fill out the forms. One Stop Tax Strategists has a tried and true proven system of asking you questions that most accountants don't bother to look for, and the average person saves $38,000! Click HERE to see what you're leaving on the table.


Tiffany McBroom and Melanie Sikma are a sister powerpack combo!


They grew up listening to Byron, who is their father, mentor, and guide, talk tax and financial strategies with his “Entrepreneur” friends on camping trips. Byron has been a CPA for 30+ years and thrives on finding new solutions to save business owners more on taxes. His excitement for helping entrepreneurs make their dreams come true led both of them into the same field as him.


Melanie and Tiffany formed One Stop Tax Strategists as a way to help as many entrepreneurs as possible; connecting their clients with the best tax and financial professional fit for them. They love to help their clients pay as little tax as legally possible and utilize that extra money to fund their dreams, and are excited to do that for you as well!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Byron McBroom

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